Wakens After Echo

by Nemo

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After the unforeseen interest and successes of Nemo's previous album - the 2CD Star Wars themed "You See The Echo", work began on a number of different (as yet incomplete and unreleased) album projects simultaneously.

All of these projects were temporarily set aside when The Force Awakens was released, and time normally devoted to music, was instead devoted to repeated viewings of the film, and ultimately, the resulting sound collage.

After the release of the film, fans worldwide reacted to The Force Awakens by discussing, making memes, blog posts, YouTube videos, and so on.
This is my personal reaction to the film, characters, themes, and stories within.

When it came to the song order, and flow of the album, I wanted it to work well if it was pressed on vinyl, with the side breaks, and hopefully with each side having its own self-contained flow, as well as working well with the entire album's flow, as it appears digitally.


The artwork temporarily being used, is just basic Force Awakens place-holder artwork, until it can be replaced with the final collage artwork.


(album running order with side-breaks for vinyl)

Wakens After Echo

----(Side 1)----

1. A Search Feet Know (Just A Scavenger)
2. Takes New Echo Far (The Garbage'll Do)
3. Each Safe Network (Classified)
4. A Fact Heroes Knew (Big Deal)

----(Side 2)----

5. Once Weak Fathers (As Strong As Darth Vader)
6. New Hot Ace Freaks (Tell That To Kanjiklub)
7. A New Shocker Fate (It Calls To You)
8. A Cat She Foreknew (Traitor!)

----(Side 3)----

9. A Hate Forces Knew (Fierce Machine)
10. Forsaken We Teach (I See The Island)
11. Hawk Can't Foresee (The Pull To The Light)

----(Side 4)----

12. Knows A Face There (Your First Steps)
13. Waken Of Teachers (A Myth)


released May 25, 2016

All sounds arranged by Nemo



all rights reserved


Wide-Eyed Ypsilanti, Michigan

Formed in the beginning of 2001, Wide-Eyed is Tina Lambright and Patrick Pyne. Despite being a duo, they rotated instruments for recordings to make full, band-oriented songs of varying sounds and styles. Their music can be generally described as experimental pop, or psychedelic rock, but avoiding cliches of any genre. Serious, funny, abstract or direct, despite the dressing, enjoyment is the focus ... more

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Track Name: The Pull To The Light (Hawk Can't Foresee)
The power of the darkness
The pull to the light
Track Name: Your First Steps (Knows A Face There)
These are your first steps...