Winter E​.​P.

by Wide-Eyed

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Wide-Eyed's Winter E.P. was a project that kept getting shelved, and in the end, was only a collection of demos and a few finished tracks.

Now, with the release of all 6 Wide-Eyed albums coming on New Year's Day 2013, as a special holiday gift, this is now being released on its own.

The E.P. never took its final shape, during its creation.

The first four songs, were originally written for the Winter E.P. (which was only a working title, though now its "official" name).
The song "Slow Bells" was a demo, that had elements eventually used in the song "Melting Brown" on the "Aurora" album, but seems appropriate to include here.
"Blanketed White" originally appeared on Wide-Eyed's debut album "LUCK",, and also seemed to be an appropriate addition.

"The First Snow" was the least finished of the tracks (though oldest - originally written by Patrick when he was a young teenager).
I wanted to release this in time for the Christmas holiday, I'm choosing to release it, and still included this track, which never had the intended vocals recorded for it, and was recorded in instrumental sections.

Hopefully you will enjoy this, as incomplete as it is. Even so, these tracks still are enough to capture some of the feeling the group was intending on having for the release. It still makes for a timely holiday gift from Wide-Eyed to you; enjoy.


released December 24, 2012

All songs Tina Lambright / Patrick Pyne
Performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Tina and Patrick
c 2001
Soundpropeller Records
p 2012



all rights reserved


Wide-Eyed Ypsilanti, Michigan

Formed in the beginning of 2001, Wide-Eyed is Tina Lambright and Patrick Pyne. Despite being a duo, they rotated instruments for recordings to make full, band-oriented songs of varying sounds and styles. Their music can be generally described as experimental pop, or psychedelic rock, but avoiding cliches of any genre. Serious, funny, abstract or direct, despite the dressing, enjoyment is the focus ... more

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Track Name: Blanketed White
Blanketed White 7/6/2001

And what could it be?
Falling from the sky
Looking down on life
Changing the keys

Blanketed white
Sensuous light
A solid rain
Cleanse the air

And what do you see?
Floating in the sky
Looking down on life
And changing the keys

Changing the key
Looking down on life
Floating in the sky
What do you see?

Blanketed White
Warm starlight
Sudden rain
Fills the air

What do you see?
What do you see?

Blanketed white
A contrast to night
See-through rain
A lens in the air

(A) Mist the sun
Burns away
Dust blown by the
Invisible, invincible